Our Philosophy

Preservation, Enrichment, and Community form the cornerstone of Preservation and Design Studio. It is our mission to accomplish our client’s objectives in the most effective way possible using PandDS cultivated, ethical, and visionary approach to design.


Through preservation the story of mankind can be sustained for future generations. To that end, building preservation connects us to those who have gone before, creating a sense of place and identity for which all humans long. Preservation serves as an anchor and connects generations to the natural and built environment. New and old are woven together and we supplement our modern lives by building on the enterprise of the past.


History tells us of great master builders. Over time, the industry of design and construction has been propelled to greater complexity and mired in technological advances through the ever increasing use of machines for design, manufacture of materials and construction. Yet, reduced to its simplest components, Architecture still is the deliberate design of buildings with three basic elements – floors, walls, and ceilings. Although the design and configuration of these components are limited only by our imagination, the impact on our lives is undeniable. Architecture takes its core value, shelter, and adds a layer of aesthetic that mankind desires-A sense of meaning and inspiration. Whether the undertaking is modest or grandiose, it should be enriching experience which leaves the community better than what it was prior.


As the saying goes, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” We as individuals are part of a network that together creates our communities. We lean on each other with our own strengths and weaknesses; we lean from generation to generation. Dialogue and the sense of understanding between us allows for the creation of successful communities. It is this interaction among us that builds communities which give our work meaning today and in the future.