Aldridge Hotel

The Aldridge Hotel was built in 1930 in the heart of downtown McAlester. As the tallest building in town, it served as the community’s ceremonial heart for many civic events and activities. The Aldridge Hotel was also host to many famous individuals such as Duke Ellington, Carl Albert, and Robert S. Kerr. After falling into disrepair, a 1997 preservation and affordable tax credits project, converted it to senior apartments. Intdividually listed on the National Register of HIstoric Places, the hotel was rehabilitated again using preservation and affordable housing tax credits about 20 years later.

Rotting window sash replacements from the 1990s and advances in HVAC and lighting equipment were the leading catalysts for the 'second-time-around' project. Upon completion, residents reported nearly 75% reduction in electric bills. PandDStudio provided a window by window survey to record the condition of each of the 500+ windows, which led to successful justification of the need to replace the already partially replaced windows. The Studio also provided design and historic preservation consulting services including preservation tax credit application preparation and management. Overall, the nearly 82,000 square foot building provides 66 apartments, amenity spaces, and ground level commercial spaces. The project received the State Historic Preservation Officer's Citation of Merit.


STATUS: Completed