Calvary Baptist Church

The Calvary Baptist Church, built in 1921, is located in Oklahoma's City's Deep Deuce area. The church is significant for its role in African American history in Oklahoma City its prominence during the civil rights movement of the 1960's. It was the birthplace of the sit-in movement led by Clara Luper and others and served as headquarters for "protests" that led to the desegregation of local businesses, Notably, the church hosted a speech venue for guest pastor Martin Luther King, Jr in 1952.

The church is individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was designated a local historic landmark by the City of Oklahoma City. The building was damaged by the ensuing shock waves following the bomb explosion at the former federal building in downtown Oklahoma City. The congregation was able to make repairs. Yet, in time the building became underutilized and damaged by a leaking roof that was never completely water tight after the bomb related damage.

Purchased and redeveloped by Rosebud Restoration, the building was adapted for reuse as the law offices of Dan Davis. The original sanctuary space was restored and made available for community use. PandDStudio provided historic preservation design consulting services and preservation tax incentives consulting and application management.  The project received the State Historic Preservation Officer's Citation of Merit.

LOCATION: Oklahoma City, OK

STATUS: Completed

CLIENT: Rosebud Restoration, LLC