Joplin Memorial Hall

Built in 1924-25 and renovated in 1976-77, Memorial Hall has served as the preeminent entertainment venue for Joplin, Missouri, and the surrounding region for almost one hundred years. It is an excellent local example of a municipal auditorium designed in the Classical Revival architectural style by Alfred and August Michaelis, who are associated with some of Joplin's most important civic, commercial, and residential buildings. Throughout its history, Memorial Hall has hosted a myriad of national, regional, and local performers, dignitaries, and events. Many in the community have fond memories of attending concerts or other exhibitions in Memorial Hall.  Its immense size, distinct design, and convenient location make the auditorium a prominent landmark for locals and visitors alike. Stone memorial slabs and bronze plaques on the interior, as well as two stone markers on site, commemorate the sacrifices of local service members.  

PandDStudio wrote a National Register nomination for Memorial Hall on behalf of the City of Joplin. The building will be listed on the National Register of Historic Places in late 2021. 


STATUS: Completed

CLIENT: City of Joplin