Capitol Hill Historic District

Originally platted and planned as the site for the state capitol, the Capitol Hill Commercial Historic District is located in Oklahoma City. The district lies approximately one-half mile south of the Canadian River (also known as the Oklahoma River), a natural barrier that physically and psychologically divided early twentieth century Capitol Hill from the primary commercial sector of the city. Favored for its rolling topography, the district developed into a local hub of activity and commerce through the first six decades of the twentieth century. The district contains the majority of historic commercial development in Capitol Hill that retains its integrity of feeling and association. Most of the buildings within the district date to a period from 1910 to 1966 and echo the architectural styles and trends of those time periods. There are 55 resources within the district boundary, 40 of which were found to be contributing resources. The National Register of Historic Places nomination completed by PandDStudio was listed on July 2019.

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

STATUS: Completed  

CLIENT: City of Oklahoma City