Yale Theater

Constructed in 1921, Yale Theater lit up its big screen with first run movies next door to an open air theater called an air dome. In 1946, the building expanded toward the back and the art deco signature facade and marquee were added. The theater served as a centerpiece of the bustling south-side business district along 25th Street known as Capitol Hill and is now a contributing resource to the Capitol Hill Commercial Historic District. The area declined after the construction of a large shopping mall  nearby  and later the effects  of the oil bust in the 1980s.

As the area continued to decline the theater attempted to stay relevant operating as a Spanish-language movie theater and wrestling venue. The rehabilitated building is envisioned by the new owner/developer as a spark that will lead redevelopment of the commercial district and the surrounding residential neighborhood.

The recently completed project adapted the Yale to serve as an entertainment and event venue.  PandDStudio provided historic preservation and tax credits consulting services.

Learn more at: https://www.theyaleokc.com

LOCATION: Oklahoma City

STATUS: Completed

CLIENT: Mason Reality Investors, LLC